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  • Molasses Milk Soother

    Molasses Milk Soother If you are looking for something different to drink other thank Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or Cider... then here you go. Remember ...

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    Molasses Milk Soother
  • Dark Cherry Chicken

    For the Love of Cherries- Dark Cherry Chicken I feel in love with the mix of Dark Cherries on Chicken years ago at a restaurant called ...

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    Dark Cherry Chicken
  • Steak Bites with Chimichurri

    Steak or Chicken Bites with Chimichurri Sauce Are you ready for a Easy Dinner with lots of Flavor?!  I have always had a taste for South ...

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    Steak Bites with Chimichurri
  • Grab and Go Trail Mix

    Trail Mix on the Run!  Grab and Go! Snacks... healthy snacks that don't come all wrapped up with a printed label.  Where to start?  ...

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    Grab and Go Trail Mix
  • Sticky Sweet Chicken Wings

    Game On!  Sticky & Sweet Chicken Wings The games are on and you are stuck wanting the same taste your guys want while remaining on your ...

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    Sticky Sweet Chicken Wings
  • Mediterranean Hummus Nachos

    Mediterranean Hummus Nachos- Clean Eating Meets a Twist of Taste! This colorful dish is sure to please- even those that are not Vegetarians!  ...

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    Mediterranean Hummus Nachos